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Neurosoftware provides IT consulting and development services to healthcare organizations. We specialize in senior care (assisted living and home health care agencies) and disease state management (wound care and hyperbarics). We developed the first outcomes system for one of the largest wound care management companies in the United States, and one of the first point-of-care systems for assisted living communities.

Detailed healthcare information and deep analysis are essential for a successful business. We can help you select off-the-shelf systems or build in-house management tools to suit unique requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Home Care Agencies


If you work with a home health care agency, please visit our public site for AdaCare, our scheduling system designed for home health care.

AdaCare supports multiple offices, zone scheduling, client-staff compatibility checking, mapping, and more. It's fast, simple to learn, and low cost. If you're looking for a better web-based scheduling system, see if AdaCare is a good choice for you.

We're a members of the National Private Duty Association, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, and the United Kingdom Home Care Association.

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Assisted Living


We designed CaraSyst, the first real-time system for managing resident care in assisted living communities. Using wireless hand-held computers, CaraSyst defines resident care plans, prompts caregivers for services, and records "red flag" alerts for unusual events. The software tracks care delivered and missed, estimates staff workload, and highlights residents that are receiving services above or below contracted levels.

CaraSyst is a web application designed for HIPAA requirements. It supports multi-community access from anywhere, any time, and includes a full suite of performance and outcomes measuring tools. For more information, please contact CVSC at CaraVita.com.

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Wound Care and Hyperbarics


We built one of the first comprehensive systems for tracking chronic non-healing wounds, reporting outcomes, and managing clinical photography. This project was developed for one of the largest national wound management companies, and our software was used in hospitals throughout the United States.

We were responsible for design, development, training, and support of the product, plus ongoing consulting services. Our system included critical tools for clinical and business metrics, and resulted in continuous improvement of treatment outcomes and business performance.

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Contact Information


For general information, please contact us at the address below:


Neurosoftware, LLC
PO Box 33111
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Telephone 321-409-8084 (United States)
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